Rainbow Eucalyptus Treehouse.

by Karen L. Kintz

I have been contemplating the happy medium between emptying myself of all worldly pleasures and succumbing partially to materialism. While I have always dreamed of living in the woods, realistically, I would want to be able to draw and paint in good lighting with endless supplies, send and receive letters, enjoy a hot cup of tea, listen to records, and lay around in a big comfy bed. In my utopia, however, I do not have to decide between the minimal, secluded nature of a rainbow eucalyptus forest and material comforts in a sturdy treehouse. I put an honest effort into working on this throughout spring break but still ended up pulling an all-nighter to finish it for critique today, which went quite well. (: Twelve hours and four cups of coffee later:

Utopia - 22"x30", watercolor pencils

3/10/12 update: