I made a print!

by Karen L. Kintz

This is my first project for beginning printmaking. It is an edition of three 2″x3″ black and white prints from a carved linoleum block. I am thinking of reworking the puddles, shoes, and umbrella/raindrops to read clearer and more three dimensional… but who knows if I will get to that considering I am well into the second project and moving on to the third. The second project is another 2″x3″ color reduction which I carved a little record player for. After that is a 12″x12″ color reduction. The other projects I am working on include three prints for photography to reflect “How I See Myself” and an 18″x24″ invented perspective drawing in color for my drawing class portraying utopia or dystopia. LOTS of work ahead of me!

*Buy a 2″x3″ original print for $10 by emailing me at karenkintz@yahoo.com.